Want to dye, but don’t want to invest a lot of money in it before you find out if you really like doing it?  These classes are for you!!  Paula furnishes all dyes and chemicals.  Prepared for dyeing (PFD) fabric and blank items are also available for purchase.

Class rates:  $250 for a 6 hour class. Additional $50 for an add-on lecture.
Class hours:  generally 9:30 – 4:00 (this may vary if desired).
Expenses: Per current per diem rates (gas, meals, and hotel).
Material Fees may apply for dyeing and other supplies (negotiated when the class is booked).

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 Pole dyeing

Pole Dancing with Fabric
(1 – 2 days)

Arashi Shibori is an ancient pole dyeing technique that creates unique fabric yardage.  In this class, the students will produce pieces using the basic Shibori techniques of pole wrapping, string wrapping, folding, pleating and over dyeing.

 Black to tan discharged fabric

Take it All Off
(1 day)

This is frequently called discharging.  It involves using chemicals to remove the color on fabric leaving a lighter, and sometimes totally different, color where the chemical was applied. The results are unpredictable, but very unique!  We will explore various techniques on how to remove the dye from fabrics. Learn this quick and almost mess-free way to add new life and dimension to your fabrics.   Using common house hold product we will stamp and paint on you 100% cotton fabrics to remove existing dyes and reveal the colors below the surface.

A kit fee is charged for use of instructor’s dyes and chemical.

 Make it today, wear it tonight

Make it Today, Wear It Tonight
(3 hours)

Can’t find that perfect necklace for your new outfit… try a custom made scarf instead!!!! You can create this unique wearable art in the morning and wear it that evening. You don’t have to tell how easy it is. With Color Hue dyes, you learn the quick and easy baggie technique, stenciling, and a few other tips that will put you on your way to creating fabulous wardrobe enhancers.

 Scarf dyeing dyed socks

Jazzy From Head to Toe
( 1 day)

Using Procion MX dyes you’ll create vibrant scarves to enhance your wardrobe or give as gifts.  Then we will work on completing your outfit.  You’ll have the jazziest feet when you custom dye your bamboo socks.  Much softer than cotton socks you’ll feet will love you for it!

 Something Fishy

Something Fishy
(2 days)

Create a small art quilt wall hanging in 2 days.  You will use this wall hanging to establish a tool set for future art quilts.  Plus you will leave the class with a finished work of art.  You will dye your fabric, and then free motion quilt the background (even if you have no experience …YOU CAN DO IT!!).  Next you will learn several embellishment techniques that will equip you to go forward and produce your own original work of art.  You will learn a finishing technique that is fun, easy and fool proof.