Happy New Year 2016

The elephant in the room

The elephant in the room


Glad you survived the holidays. As much as I love seeing everyone in one month, I’m happy to rest for a while.

As most of you know, my husband died suddenly November 2014. So most of 2015 was a mess. I’m starting to get my creative juices flowing again so, I have committed to myself that I will resume my blog, get some things finished this year, and teach a few classes. As I am a total extrovert, I have relied heavily on my faith, family, friends….fiber, furry, and faithful to get me through.

Along those lines, I finally got some time in my studio this month. I looked at this whole pile of stuff that has been waiting for me. I think I’ll have to eat that fat butt Goliath one bite at a time!

So the first bite is getting back to this blog. The second bite is updating my website with my class schedule. I’ve only booked a few classes this year, although fiber art is my first love…traveling is my second. I’ve planned some good trips this year. I’m sure there will be some fiber interests in each. If you are interested in a class, let me know.

2016 is here…hold on to your hairpiece (nobody wears hats anymore)!


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